The Public Policy Program offers a minor that provides undergraduate students with interdisciplinary training in applied social sciences.

Students who pursue the minor are required to take the courses listed on the Minor Declaration form. Courses are within Public Policy and its supporting disciplinary departments. Because University rules prohibit double-counting non-introductory courses, the requirements for a minor differ according to the student's major requirements.

Therefore, it is required that you review your course plan with a program administrator. All students must take, without double counting, at least six courses for five units each toward the minor for a total of 30 units. It is required that students review their course plans with a program administrator.

Students are permitted to double-count ECON 1. At most, 10 units of coursework may be taken as credit/no credit. Between ECON 102A and ECON 102B, no more than 5 units can be taken for credit/no credit. 

For complete policies on declaring a minor, please reference the Stanford Bulletin. 

January 6 and the Crisis of American Democracy

Declaring the Public Policy Minor

Students wishing to declare the Public Policy minor must complete the following steps: 

  1. Fill out a minor declaration form
  2. Meet with the student services staff to discuss course scheduling and coordination with major studies - contact johncho@stanford.edu to get started
  3. Declare the Public Policy minor in Axess
  4. Have all applicable programs review the Major-Minor and Multiple Major Course Approval Form and return the form to the University Registrar at the beginning of the quarter during which your degrees are conferred