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Internships & Career Resources

Washington DC in the Winter

Maria Oswalt

Career and Internship-Focused Support

Join the Stanford Public Policy Alumni group on LinkedIn to connect with Public Policy alumni for networking and mentoring opportunities, and to view job postings.

Use the Stanford Alumni Directory to tap into over 230,000 Stanford alumni to find jobs, career advice or resources. 

Stanford Career Education provides valuable resources, including career coaching, events, workshops, career fairs, and mechanisms to connect with employers and alumni.

Internship and Fellowship Opportunities

  • Daniel Raymond Wong Memorial Fellowship: This fellowship opportunity funds a declared major in economics or public policy, who has shown an interest in the study of education or heath care issues, who has secured a position at a nonprofit or public service organization, and who will be located in the Washington, D.C. area. To be considered for this funding, you must be a non-graduating undergraduate student who has secured a full-time internship with an expected commitment of at least 8-10 consecutive weeks.
  • Public Policy Summer Internship Fellowship: Looking for summer internship financial support? If you are a non-graduating Public Policy student, take a look at our fellowship application to support your summer internship.
  • Stanford in Government: SIG offers events, internship and fellowship opportunities for students to engage with agencies working within or interfacing with government. 
  • Stanford Global Studies Internship Program: These internships provide opportunities for students to travel across the globe to participate in internships in public policy and other related fields.

Off-campus Opportunities

  • Bing Overseas Studies Program: BOSP offers the opportunity to study abroad while remaining enrolled at Stanford.
  • Stanford in Washington: SIW provides students with opportunities to engage in internships and academic courses in Washington, D.C.
  • Haas Center for Public Service. The Haas Center inspires students to realize a just and sustainable world through service, scholarship, and community partnerships. Haas provides courses, fellowships, advising, and career resources for students and alumni.

Policy Job Websites

Several outside websites are dedicated to posting policy-oriented jobs and connecting applicants with employers. These include: