Student Voices

Fernando is finishing a Master of Public Policy and Master of Science in Management Science & Engineering, and continuing his work towards a Ph.D. in Management Science & Engineering. His focus is on decision analysis applied to policy and philanthropy, using an engineering and economics framework.
Matt is currently pursuing his M.A. in Public Policy, concentrating in health care policy. Before joining the department, Matt received his B.A. in Economics in June 2020 at Stanford. His interests in policy range from health care to monetary policy. Outside of his policy interests, Matt enjoys picking stocks.
Hailing from the Bay Area, Ryan Chandra is a senior at Stanford University pursuing a B.A. in Public Policy. Ryan is passionate about reimagining the future at the intersection of business, politics, and technology.
Maria Marta is pursuing her second year as a Master of Public Policy (MPP) student, concentrating in International Development. Also part of the Stanford undergraduate class of 2018, her graduation at the end of Winter Quarter 2021 will mark the end of her Stanford adventure and her official entrance into the “real world”.
Leila (she/her) is a senior pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Public Policy with a concentration in Science and Technology Policy, and a minor in Computer Science. Her interests lie at the multidisciplinary intersection of technology, policy, and ethics, and she is particularly fascinated with the complexities of AI regulation.
Luqman Mushila Hodgkinson is an MD/MPP dual degree candidate who joined the public policy program having completed a BA in political science from Hiram College, an MS in computer science from Columbia University, and a PhD in computational biology from UC-Berkeley. Being from Kenya in the medically underserved county of Kakamega, Dr.