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Grete Howland (She/They)

Undergraduate Student Services Specialist

Hello! My name is Grete (pronounced like "Greta"), and I'm the Undergraduate Student Services Specialist for the Public Policy Program. My role ranges from academic advising to course scheduling to event planning and everything in between, but I'm most passionate about helping students feel welcome and supported as they pursue their passions, so don't hesitate to reach out or stop by my office if you have any questions about the program. 

I've spent most of my career in and around education. After earning my BA in English and Communication Studies from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, I returned to my hometown of Santa Cruz, CA, for a year before heading out again--this time to New Zealand, Australia, and Vanuatu for six months to participate in community service projects. When l returned to the U.S., I moved to southern California and found work as as administrative assistant at a progressive high school in Pasadena, which is where my interest in teaching began. I then started an MA in Creative Writing and Literature at Fairleigh Dickinson University and started teaching English language arts and humanities at the middle and high school levels. In 2016, I moved with my partner to Portland, OR, and earned my certificate in Montessori adolescent education while continuing to teach. After a few more years spent working with the early adolescent crowd, I decided to transition to post-secondary education, becoming a writing instructor and academic editor for graduate students in the social sciences. Eventually, I took a brief sojourn into proposal writing for a large edtech company, but I quickly realized how much I missed working with students directly. When my partner and I found out we'd be moving back to the Bay Area in 2023, I jumped at the chance to return to academia and was lucky enough to find a home in Stanford's Public Policy Program.

Outside of work, I've volunteered extensively with youth equine therapy programs, helping children and adolescents build confidence, interpersonal social skills, executive functioning skills, and leadership experience. I'm also a creative writer (mostly nonfiction and poetry), an avid reader, a runner, a paddleboarder, a reality TV binger, and a devoted fan of both the San Francisco Giants and the USWNT. I currently live on the Peninsula with my partner, a handful of thriving plants, and more books than we have space to shelve.


Encina Hall West, Room 105

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