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Eric Wilburn

Director, Gorongosa Coffee
Master of Arts in Public Policy, Stanford University
Master of Science, Environmental Engineering, Stanford University
Graduation Year

Eric Wilburn graduated with an MS/MA in Environmental Engineering and Public Policy in 2018. After a year of soul searching and a failed venture in young adult mental health, he was recruited to be the Director of Gorongosa Coffee. Gorongosa Coffee was born in Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique, where Eric served as a Peace Corps Volunteer from 2012 to 2014. It is a novel approach to sustainable finance for conservation areas that will hopefully be an example for national parks around the globe. 100% of the profits from Gorongosa Coffee go back to the park to fund various initiatives. One such initiative, Girls Education, is at the core of the parks long-term strategy to enable humans and nature to thrive together -- Eric's primary focus during his public policy studies.

Eric currently resides in the Bay Area and has been an active member and coach of the Stanford Triathlon team, and loves everything outdoors.  While he is happy to be a Public Policy featured alumnus, Eric would like to emphasize that the spotlight should be on the people and projects that keep him motivated to show up each and every day and be of service.