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Andrew Labott

Andrew is a senior pursuing a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in Public Policy with a concentration in Health Care Policy. He is interested in new models to pay for health care as well as understanding health disparities. Over the past four years, Andrew has been deeply involved in research - spanning areas of clinical research at the Medical College of Wisconsin, economic policy research at the Hoover Institution, and developmental biology research at the Stanford School of Medicine. Together, these experiences have helped shape Andrew’s interdisciplinary understanding of human health and provided him with the toolkit to develop and evaluate important policy and scientific questions relating to health. On campus, Andrew is involved with Stanford in Government, a student group fostering civic and political engagement  among students, and Design for American, a student group applying design thinking to make local social impact. Beyond academics, Andrew enjoys spending time with friends, working out, listening to podcasts, and as a Wisconsin native appreciating the California weather. After Stanford, Andrew will be working at Acumen in Los Angeles as a health policy analyst and he hopes to attend medical school in the near future.