Peer Advisors

Undergraduate peer advisors are senior Public Policy students who are experienced in course planning, research, and juggling the many opportunities available at Stanford.

Many have also been involved in Bing Overseas Studies Programs, Stanford in Washington, Summer Research College, and honors programs. As such, they are able to answer questions not only about the Public Policy major and coursework but also about how these many Stanford opportunities can enhance a student's experience of the Public Policy major. Undergraduate peer advisors are happy to answer questions by email and to meet with prospective majors one-on-one.

Hannah Kelley

Cohort: 2022

Concentration: Health Policy 

Hannah is a first-generation undergraduate at Stanford University, majoring in Public Policy with a Health Policy concentration and Human Biology. Additionally, Hannah is minoring in Native American Studies. She has grown up in Portland, Oregon, exploring the area of medical research, public policy, community development, and social justice. At Stanford, Hannah serves as the Co-President of the student-led organization Habla and English Coach to Stanford custodial employees. Hannah Also serves in Stanford Health Advocacy and Research in the Emergency Department (SHAR(ED)) leadership team, Stanford Women in Politics (SWIP), and Students for Environmental and Racial Justice (SERJ). On-campus, Hannah serves as an ASSU Executive Cabinet Member as a Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Community Building, and Residential Assistant in Muwekma-Tah-Ruk. Hannah is passionate about addressing the social determinants of health through social, environmental, and racial justice drive approaches. Outside of academics, she enjoys learning to cook new dishes, baking, playing the saxophone, and going on hikes. 

Theresa Nelson

Cohort: 2022

Concentration: National and International Security Policy

A proud Coloradan, Theresa is a senior double majoring in Public Policy and Iberian and Latin American Cultures with Honors. She is beginning her M.A. in Public Policy and Masters in Public Policy (MPP) degrees. A second-generation college student with Chicane and Mexican heritage, Theresa is deeply committed to racial and economic justice within her community and in higher education. While at Stanford, she has staffed the Women’s Community Center on campus and worked to sustain empowerment, justice, and advocacy with and for students who identify as gender minorities. Additionally, she has spent over six years working with students and adults with Special Needs and disabilities, providing at-home care, support in the classroom, and coaching in adapted sports teams and swim lessons. This past summer, she worked in her home state at a nonprofit called ELPASO that aims to close the education achievement gap between white and Latine students in Boulder County by organizing and supporting engaged Latine parents in advocacy on behalf of their students. She also interned at the National Conference of State Legislatures. She worked on the election and redistricting policy team to research policy changes and proposals and their impacts on behalf of state legislators from the 50 states and six territories. 

Haleigh Quinn

Cohort: 2022

Concentration: Urban and Regional Policy

Haleigh Quinn (she/her) is a senior majoring in Public Policy with a concentration in Urban and Regional Policy and a minor in African & African American Studies. As a first-generation, low-income student from a predominantly minority community, Haleigh is extremely passionate about designing equitable and sustainable urban communities that address homelessness, transit infrastructure, and public education issues. During her junior year, Haleigh applied her passion for these topics by competing in the Bank of America Low Income Housing Challenge and designing an affordable housing complex for domestic violence survivors in Sunnyvale, California. Haleigh is incredibly dedicated to service and has completed two cardinal quarter fellowships during her Stanford career. Haleigh is constantly searching for opportunities to blend her passion for policy with her love for African American studies. In the summer of 2021, she completed a Stanford in Government fellowship with the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture. She learned about the role of federal museums in presenting accurate African American history to the public. On-campus, Haleigh serves as the chair of the ASSU’s Nominations Commission and Resident Assistant at Ujamaa House.

Jackson Richter

Cohort: 2022

Concentration: Design of Public Institutions

Jackson Richter is a rising senior at Stanford studying Public Policy - with a concentration in the Design of Public Institutions - and minoring in Data Science. He is also pursuing a coterminal M.A. in Public Policy, concentrating in Health Policy. His policy interests are strongest in the realms of health care, education, and criminal justice. He is the President of the Stanford Political Union, as well as Stanford in Government's Vice Chair of Programming. Jackson is born and raised in New York City, and outside the classroom, he can be found cheering for the Knicks or complaining about California's pizza options.

Sofia Scekic

Cohort: 2022

Concentration: Health Care Policy for B.A., National and International Security for M.A.

Sofia is a senior from Wisconsin pursuing a B.A. and coterminal M.A. in Public Policy. Her main interests are foreign policy, particularly international institutions and diplomacy, and environmental policy. On campus, she is President of the Stanford Polo Club, deputy Sports Editor for The Stanford Daily, an oral communications tutor at the Hume Center, and an Advising Fellow with Stanford Matriculate. Her prior research experience includes looking at the role of international institutions in genocide and exploring the aftermath of the Chicago Police Department's torture scandal in the late 20th century from a legal system perspective. In her free time, she enjoys working out and watching football.