Summer Research College Program

Doctors and Patients: What We Learn from Each Other

The Undergraduate Research Assistant Program in Public Policy is offered for ten weeks during the summer and gives students a chance to gain a better understanding of the nature and methods of academic research and allow them to explore their interests in pursuing their own research projects. Participants will work directly with a faculty member on ongoing research. For 2022 - June 20th - August 26th. 

Those who have participated have been able to apply what they have learned in their Public Policy courses and pursue senior honors theses. 


Participants must be current undergraduates at Stanford. Preference will be given to students who have declared the Public Policy major and are completing their junior years, although sophomores with exceptionally strong academic records are also welcome to apply. Students should be on track to meet the Public Policy GPA threshold requirements for Honors.


All Research Assistants will be expected to work forty hours per week, including attendance at weekly seminars and research luncheons. Each RA’s forty-hour workweek will be devoted to research work under the direction of the faculty sponsor, organized program activities, and, if approved by the RA's supervisor, to the exploration of independent research topics.  


Each RA will receive a stipend of $7,500 for ten weeks of full-time research work (reduced pro rata if the period of work is less).


RAs will be eligible to rent on-campus housing. Summer room and board rates can be reviewed on the Housing Assignment Services website