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Alleviating Overcrowding at Mariano Castro Elementary: An Analysis of Policy Alternatives

Erin Cumberworth
Kenisha Dilliard
Ify Emelife
Joel Mehler
Nori Sasaki
Mountain View Whisman School Disctrict

Executive Summary

The goal of our analysis is to offer a long-term solution to the overcrowding problem at Mariano Castro Elementary School (Castro), one of six K-5 elementary schools in the Mountain View Whisman School District (MVWSD or District). In our analysis, we present seven alternatives that could solve the overcrowding problem, and systematically analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative according to a common set of criteria. Based on this analysis, we recommend that the District alleviate Castro’s overcrowding problem by either expanding capacity at the current site or opening a seventh K-5 elementary school at a new site. However, we also present the full analysis for five other alternatives: maintaining the status quo, increasing class sizes, moving the Dual Immersion program to Landels Elementary, implementing a multitrack year-round calendar, and redefining enrollment boundaries. While our analysis is specific to Castro, the District will likely find our framework applicable to future decision-making regarding school capacity. ...

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