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Peer Advisors

Peer Advisors

Undergraduate peer advisors areĀ senior Public Policy students who are experienced in course planning, research, and juggling the many opportunites available at Stanford. Many of them have also been involved in Bing Overseas Studies Programs, Stanford in Washington, Summer Research College, and honors programs. As such, they are able answer questions not only about the Public Policy major and coursework, but also about how these many Stanford opportunities can enhance a student's experience of the Public Policy major. Undergraduate peer advisors are happy to answer questions by email and to meet with prospective majors, one-on-one.

2020-2021 Peer Advisors

Ryan Chandra Photo

Ryan Chandra

Concentration: Design of Public Institutions
Lelia Doty photo

Leila Doty

Concentration: Science and Technology
Rebecca Smalbach photo

Rebecca Smalbach

Concentration: Law and the Legal System
Manami Suenaga Photo

Manami Suenaga

Concentration: Education Policy