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Rich Nymoen

ADA, Civil Rights and Affirmative Action Consultant
Minnesota Department of Human Services
Bachelor of Arts Public Policy, Stanford University
JD, University of Minnesota Law School
Graduation Year

Mr. Nymoen currently works as an ADA, Civil Rights and Affirmative Action Consultant with the MN Department of Human Services. In his position, he handles accommodation requests from employees with disabilities, conducts civil rights investigations and coordinates agency affirmative action efforts.

Previously, he has worked as a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion director for the MN Department of Veterans Affairs, as an investigation specialist for HealthPartners and as a human rights specialist for the City of Saint Paul.

On a volunteer basis, he is president of Common Ground USA, which promotes land value tax shifts, rent-sharing land trusts and other commons-based approaches to social, economic and environmental issues. To raise awareness of these approaches, he has appeared on the Real News Network, Macro & Cheese, Jenerational Change and other shows.  He’s proud to have helped start KZSU Stanford’s “The Henry George Program,” which also promotes these approaches.

He attended Stanford University, receiving his BA in Public Policy, and the University of Minnesota’s Law School. While at Stanford he attended Stanford in Washington, through which he interned with the D.C. City Council.