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Update: Laura Zhang's Summer Internship at the White House

Laura Zhang in East Wing of White House
Sep 1 2016

From Laura when asked about significant contributions she made over the summer: "I wouldn't say that there was a specific project that was most significant, but I was able to write a memo for one of the members of the CEA which was a lot of responsibility. I think I was valued by the other staff economists and senior economists because of my strong knowledge of statistics and programming that most of the other interns did not have, so there was a greater range of projects that I could contribute to. For one of the reports that CEA published, I was the main lead in charge of verifying that the Stata code was accurate and I was also able to contribute to much of the code that generated the analysis....Working at the CEA had been a dream job of mine, and it exceeded my expectations."

What she learned: "It is difficult for me to quantify the value of this summer experience but it was definitely tremendous. It helped me confirmed that this was in fact what I wanted to do in life, that I enjoyed economic policy."

Candid advice for future White House interns: "Don't be afraid to talk to the most senior staff. They've been through the same experiences and are happy to answer questions."


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