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Student Voices

Annabel Wong
Jun 1 2016
Annabel Wong, MA in Education (POLS subplan)/MPP '17, reflects on the 30th Anniversary Campus Compact conference she attended and presented at in Boston this Spring.
Image of Mobility Policy Forum
Public Policy student Andrew Ntim discusses the policy forum "Moving on Mobility: Last Mile Transportation Solutions” held on May 2, 2016 at Stanford University
Brian Kooiman, Matt McCue, Jillian Kilby, and Esteban Guerrero
Apr 29 2016
What could four Master of Public Policy (M.P.P.) candidates be doing presenting to thirty representatives from several different California government agencies at the Governor’s Office in Sacramento two weeks ago?
Public Policy Graduate Students in D.C.
Apr 27 2016
Six Public Policy graduate students traveled to D.C. over spring break to meet with leading policy officials, learn about current policy issues, and witness policymaking in action firsthand.
Current Public Policy graduate students Charlie Mintz, Jacob Lopez, Afia Bonner, and Sarah Flamm discuss the importance of fair chance hiring in an op ed for the San Francisco Chronicle.
WTO Deliberations
Apr 11 2016
Public Policy M.P.P. student Sarah Flamm represented the delegation of the United States at the 19th annual Model World Trade Organization [WTO] this April in Switzerland.
Expert Panel and Roundtable Coordinators at the Winter Roundtable Event
Mar 23 2016
A quick recap of the 2016 Science and Technology Policy Roundtables, hosted by the Public Policy Program, and featuring STEM experts in a variety of disciplines across campus
Nicole Hensel
Mar 8 2016
By Nicole Hensel 1st year MPP/MA in Education joint degree student  
PublPol 154 Students
Mar 3 2016
Each winter, students in the PublPol 154: Politics and Policy in California class travel to Sacramento to witness the topic we have been studying all quarter, firsthand.
Connie Huynh at the City Managers' Conference
Feb 23 2016
Public Policy graduate student Connie Huynh discusses her experience at the League of California Cities’ City Managers Department Meeting that occurred in early February.