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Student of the Month Award Recipients

Jun 1 2016 | Student of the Month
Brian is a graduating Master of Public Policy candidate with a concentration in Resources, Environment, and Energy Policy. His interest in all things related to energy inspired him to enroll in classes throughout the Stanford campus, from Energy Law taught by Professor Michael Wara at the Law...
May 1 2016 | Student of the Month
Jelani is a B.A. candidate in the Department of Economics and Public Policy Program (Development & Growth Policies). He is writing an honors thesis in Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law on the implications of International Monetary Fund structural adjustment for incumbent voter support...
Apr 1 2016 | Student of the Month
Uttara Sivaram is an M.A. Candidate in the Public Policy Program at Stanford University, concentrating in Energy and Environmental Policy Analysis. Previously, she studied Cognitive Neuroscience and Economics, also at Stanford, which prompted her interest in the field of public policy. Most...
Kate Wilson
Mar 1 2016 | Student of the Month
Kate is a senior from Hansville, Washington studying public policy, with a concentration in the Design of Public Institutions. With minors in computer science and math, she is interested in science and technology policy, and in pursuit of this interest, she is currently writing an honors thesis on...
Jeremy Mann Headshot
Feb 1 2016 | Student of the Month
Jeremy is a coterminal student currently pursuing an M.A. in Public Policy. As an undergraduate, he majored in Political Science with a minor in Economics. Jeremy is interested in questions of how we ought to structure our society and how our ideas about the nature of our society affect the...
Rehan Adamjee
Jan 1 2016 | Student of the Month
Rehan is a senior from Karachi, Pakistan studying public policy, with a concentration in health policy, and economics, with a concentration in development. He is also completing a minor in history. His major interest is in health services research and healthcare delivery in urban slum areas – an...
Jacob Lopez
Dec 1 2015 | Student of the Month
Jacob Lopez is a second-year graduate student from Glendora, California. He is pursuing a joint degree from the Graduate School of Education and the Public Policy Program. He has worked extensively in public education both abroad and at home.
Jana Persky
Nov 1 2015 | Student of the Month
Jana Persky is a Public Policy senior from New Canaan, Connecticut. Her concentration is in national and international security and she is currently writing a thesis in the Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC) Honors Program.
Lucy Xiao
Oct 1 2015 | Student of the Month
Lucy is a second-year Master of Public Policy student with a focus on policy communications and data science. After earning her B.A. in political science from Stanford, Lucy worked in APCO Worldwide’s Beijing office, where she helped clients enter the China market and develop effective government...
Conner Crane
Sep 1 2015 | Student of the Month
Conner is a senior majoring in Public Policy with a concentration in International and National Security Policy. This summer, Conner worked with Dr. Condoleezza Rice doing research on democratic transitions in the Middle East. In addition to his research, Conner trained daily with the Stanford...