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As the price of health care in the United States continues to accelerate — to the consternation of both patients and providers — it’s refreshing to find one state pilot project that appears to prove that implementing mandatory price controls can actually work. Some states are keen to adopt...
Feb 1 2019 | Stanford News
U.S. suspension of the INF Treaty – the first step toward withdrawing from the 1987 arms control agreement – allows Russia to develop and deploy missiles that can travel between 3,000–5,500 kilometers, according to a Stanford scholar with diplomatic experience in the region. While the U.S. is also...
Jan 28 2019 | New York Times
By Alan Rappeport WASHINGTON — The five-week federal government shutdown cost the United States economy $11 billion, with nearly a quarter of that total permanently lost, the Congressional Budget Office said on Monday.
Jan 23 2019 | Stanford News
The yellow vest movement in France, which began as a protest against increased fuel taxes, has taken on a much broader agenda, according to a Stanford economist who recently taught in Paris. The movement stems from frustrations over high unemployment and an economy that has stagnated, despite a...
Jan 18 2019 | Hoover Instituation
The public pension nightmare for California will only worsen unless serious reforms are adopted, a Hoover scholar says.