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Feb 21 2019
By Jordan Payne, '20 On February 20, 2019, students in Public Policy 154, Politics & Policy in California, were given the opportunity to travel to Sacramento to visit state politicians, lobbyists, and members of the media. This trip added immense context to the topics learned about in our class...
By Beth Duff-Brown Opioids overdoses now kill more Americans than car accidents or guns, with more than 350,000 Americans having succumbed to the painkillers since 2000.
Feb 20 2019 | Stanford News
The Hoover Institution’s Washington office offers a place for policymakers and political scientists to ask big-picture questions. BY MELISSA DE WITTE When policymakers in Washington D.C. want an outsider perspective on a problem, they don’t need to leave the nation’s capital to get a 10,000-foot...
Feb 15 2019 | Stanford News
High-tide flooding resulting from climate change is already disrupting the economy of Annapolis, Maryland. As sea levels rise, the impacts are expected to get worse for coastal communities. BY DEVON RYAN Impacts from climate change are not always easy to see. But for many local businesses in...