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Apr 22 2020
By: Garrett Jensen, ‘20 MPP/MA POLS
Jul 29 2019 | The New York Times
WASHINGTON — Attorney General William P. Barr moved on Monday to end asylum protections for migrants solely because their relatives have been persecuted, the latest attempt by the Trump administration to limit sanctuary for people seeking refuge in the United States. Mr. Barr’s decision...
Jul 8 2019 | Stanford GSB
New tools could save millions, but come with red flags.
Jul 1 2019 | Stanford News
A new report by Stanford scholars lays out the problems U.S. millennials face as a result of decades-long rising inequality. Problems they experience include rising mortality rates and increased poverty among those without college degrees.
Jun 27 2019 | LA Times
The Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the partisan gerrymandering that has allowed Republicans to control power in several closely divided states. A majority ruled that elected lawmakers, not judges, had the right to draw the election maps for their states. The decision was a defeat for reformers...