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May 21 2018 | Stanford Magazine
By Francis Fukuyama ONE OF THE LEAST APPRECIATED AND LEAST UNDERSTOOD contributors to polarization in the United States today is identity politics. Identity is a modern concept built around the belief that we have inner selves that are not being adequately respected by the society around us. It...
May 18 2018 | Stanford News
Because the internet is constantly changing, it is tough to have regulations that will benefit consumers in terms of price and innovation, says Stanford scholar about the challenges of regulating the web.
May 17 2018 | CALmatters
Tesla executives parked shiny new Model 3 electric vehicles across from the Capitol Wednesday, hoping to gin up excitement among legislators, but also knowing that the company could become a target of unfriendly legislation soon. Legislators last year required that any car maker that runs afoul of...
May 16 2018 | Stanford News
Stanford historian Ana Raquel Minian explains how undocumented migration from Mexico to the United States became entrenched between 1965 and 1986 in her recently published book. BY ALEX SHASHKEVICH Since 2008, more Mexicans have been leaving the Unites States than arriving. But the...
May 14 2018 | Stanford Law School
By Natalie Bridgeman Fields, Q&A with Luciana Herman Impact Investment can be hard to get right and easy to get wrong. How can they avoid the unintended consequences for their investments?