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Apr 20 2018 | SIEPR Policy Brief
What can policymakers do to help all Americans live longer? In this month's SIEPR Policy Brief, Victor Fuchs and Karen Eggleston discuss the need to focus more on what's killing younger people — car accidents, suicides and gunshots — and do a better job measuring inequalities in life expectancy.
Apr 17 2018 | Hoover Institution
Answers to why the US-Russia relationship seems to be at a dangerous low these days can be found in a new book by Stanford scholar Michael McFaul.
Exploring Stanford's 2018 General Use Permit By Caleb Smith, BA, '17, MA, '18  
Apr 6 2018 | CALmatters
One in ten California State University students say they have been homeless at some point in the past year, according to campus surveys. Among community college students in Los Angeles, the figure is one in five.
Apr 5 2018 | CNN Politics
Evidence suggests that a hurriedly announced deployment of National Guard troops to the southern border was sparked by a presidential tweet storm. Just three days after President Trump tweeted about reports showing a "caravan" of Central American migrants trekking across Mexico, his administration...