Luqman Mushila Hodgkinson

Luqman Mushila Hodgkinson is an MD/MPP dual degree candidate who joined the public policy program having completed a BA in political science from Hiram College, an MS in computer science from Columbia University, and a PhD in computational biology from UC-Berkeley. Being from Kenya in the medically underserved county of Kakamega, Dr. Hodgkinson plans to return to Kakamega after residency/fellowship to be a professor at Masinde Muliro School of Medicine, the first medical school in the entire former Western Province of Kenya, a medical school he helped to open and where he serves as adjunct lecturer. 

Luqman is passionate about policy changes to improve the lives of people in poverty and those rising out of poverty, including to provide high quality health care to people in need without impossible or catastrophic expenditures. 

Stanford University inspired Luqman to pursue higher education when he was a first-generation college student at Hiram College, and he is appreciative of the wonderful support he has received from Stanford School of Medicine and the Stanford Public Policy Division. At Stanford School of Medicine, Luqman has been collaborating with Dr. Sakti Srivastava, Chief of the Anatomy Division, and other Stanford faculty to teach medical students at Masinde Muliro School of Medicine remotely, including writing grants for needed electronic and virtual reality equipment. In the Public Policy Division, Luqman has been working with Kelly Walsh and other kind-hearted collaborators to help children with health needs in rural Kenya. 

During COVID-19 response, schools and universities in Kenya have been closed with very limited options for remote teaching in economically disadvantaged areas, and Dr. Hodgkinson has been working for the technological progress in remote education and virtual reality at Stanford to be shared with those in need of these technologies in rural Kenya. 

Working with physicians in rural Kenya, Dr. Hodgkinson has been helping with the COVID-19 pandemic response including with information, connections, and resources for early detection and contact tracing systems and difficult decisions on appropriate response. 

Easily reachable at luqman [at] (luqman[at]stanford[dot]edu), Dr. Hodgkinson is always looking for ways to expand networks of support to improve health for medically underserved people in rural Kenya.