Garrett Jensen

My name is Garrett Jensen and I am a second year POLS/MPP student. Originally from Portland, Oregon, food trucks, coffee shops and nature are in my DNA.

I graduated magna cum laude from Santa Clara University in the heart of Silicon Valley with a degree in accounting and political science. With experiences in community development, I began my career at EY on the Americas Corporate Responsibility (CSR) team. Focused on post-secondary access for underserved students through EY College MAP, I worked with partners in 35 U.S. cities to elevate my peer’s skills to help incredible young people get in and stay in college by realizing their boundless potential.

Throughout college and career, I have participated in Stanford clinical trials, directed the JDRF YLC (Young Leadership Committee) in Silicon Valley, expanded Stanford CDN (College Diabetes Network), led Novo Nordisk talks in Copenhagen on patient advocacy and chaired the JDRF Silicon Valley One Walks in 2018 and 2019. Curing T1D is my cause.

While at Stanford, my research areas have focused on CA state policy. Over the summer I was able to bring my research to life thanks to a grant from the Public Policy Program. The project, Service-Learning and Integration at Public High Schools: Examining the case at Menlo-Atherton (20 minutes) seeks to lower barriers and streamline student volunteerism, immersions and civic engagement experiences for all students so that students have greater opportunity to interact with those who don’t look like them while simultaneously embedding learning objectives from their coursework. We also work closely with teachers to support their learning as well around topics of social justice, diversity and racial literacy (“America to Me”). Think of us as a mini-Haas Center at a public high school. The bottom line? Consistent, quality, reflection focused service-learning and long-term commitments to local not-for-profits. This should not be reserved for private institutions. Have thoughts? Send me a note: gjjensen [at] (gjjensen[at]stanford[dot]edu).