Chloe Robinette Sargeant

Having completed an MA in Education (Policy, Organization, and Leadership Studies) in 2019, Chloe is now on the cusp of completing her MA in Public Policy. With a background primarily rooted in education, Chloe has enjoyed expanding her econometric experience, statistics skills, and research toolkit within the Public Policy Program. Chloe’s interests have subsequently extended beyond the classroom and into the realm of K-12 policy – though she still very much loves being in the classroom!

Prior to coming to Stanford, Chloe spent 5 years in education, both as a teacher and as a nonprofit director, working with K-5th grade students across the Bay Area. While at Stanford, Chloe continued her work with the nonprofit in order to create engaging, sustainable, and accessible physical education programs for 15 schools / school districts across the Bay Area. Ultimately, Chloe decided to pursue an MA in Public Policy to gain skills that would enable her to approach problems from a holistic and data-driven standpoint.

Beyond the skills she’s learned, Chloe is immeasurably grateful for the mentors and support system she’s had within the Public Policy Program. The Public Policy Program dream team, Greg Rosston and Kelly Walsh, and her advisors, Michael Kirst and Geoffrey Cox, have truly contributed to her development and growth, both within and beyond the classroom. In addition to the faculty, Chloe’s classmates within the Public Policy cohort have been an integral piece of Chloe’s Stanford experience. She can’t help but smile when considering the lifelong memories and friends she’s gained, thanks to Public Policy!

After graduation, Chloe will begin her dream job of working as a Dean of Operations for a local middle school in Sunnyvale. She is beyond excited to apply the skills she’s learned throughout her two years at Stanford, and looks forward to making an impact that will make the Public Policy Program proud!