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Alison Ge

Alison Ge jumping, Great Wall of China in the background

Alison is graduating this June with a B.A. in Economics and International Relations and an M.A. in Public Policy.  While at Stanford, she served as a teaching assistant for Professor Bruce Owen’s Law and Economics course and as a research assistant for Professor Phillip Lipscy and Professor Judith Goldstein.   Alison also studied abroad in Paris and Beijing.   Her personal research interests include behavioral economics focusing on time-inconsistent preferences and game theoretic models of institution-building in autocracies.  Alison is currently the advanced topics editor for Comparative Advantage, Stanford’s Undergraduate Economics Journal, and has served as a board member for Kids with Dreams for two years.  She has also been involved with JusticeCorps for several years and currently serves as Stanford’s campus representative.  In the fall, Alison will begin working at Compass Lexecon, an economic consulting firm, and she is considering pursuing a JD/PhD in the future. When she’s not busy juggling her 23-unit courseload, Alison can be found dangling from a tree in aerial fabrics, rehearsing site-specific modern dance, figure skating, writing, or hitting people with sticks in Eskrima, a form of martial arts native to the Philippines.

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