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Undergraduate Resources

Career Workshop and alumni panel

Career Workshop and Alumni Panel

The following information and links below will help you navigate Stanford's resources as an undergraduate Public Policy student.

Academic Resources

  • BEAM (Stanford Career Education): Visit the BEAM website for career development resources, including career planning, help with resumes, workshops and job fairs
  • Common Syllabus Elements Document: Courses taught in the Public Policy Program are covered by a set of course management policies, laid out in the Common Syllabus Elements document; students are responsible for knowing and abiding by these course policies.
  • Academic Skills Coaching: Find out about new approaches and learning strategies through subject-based peer tutoring and academic skills coaching.
  • Explore Courses: Visit Explore Courses for course descriptions, schedules, and faculty information.
  • Hume Writing Center: HWC offers one-to-one tutoring and workshops for undergraduates working on writing, speaking and multi-media projects and presentations. 
  • Stanford Bulletin (aka known as Explore Degrees): Use this resource for a comprehensive listing of degree requirements. 
  • Stanford University Libraries: Visit SUL for advice on research tools and thousands of resources across Stanford's many libraries. 
  • Undergraduate Forms: Forms related to transfer credit, enrollment and undergraduate studies and programs can be found here. 

Off-campus Opportunities

Internship and Fellowship Opportunities

  • Daniel Raymond Wong Memorial Fellowship: This fellowship opportunity funds a declared major in economics or public policy, who has shown an interest in the study of education or heath care issues, who has secured a position at a nonprofit or public service organization, and who will be located in the Washington, D.C. area. To be considered for this funding, you must be a non-graduating undergraduate student who has secured a full-time internship with an expected commitment of at least 9 consecutive weeks.
  • Public Policy Summer Internship Fellowship: Looking for summer internship financial support? If you are a non-graduating Public Policy student, take a look at our fellowship application to support your summer internship.
  • Stanford in Government: SIG offers events, internship and fellowship opportunities for students to engage with agencies working within or interfacing with government. 
  • Stanford Global Studies Internship Program: These internships provide opportunities for students to travel across the globe to participate in internships in public policy and other related fields.

Connecting with Alumni

  • Stanford Public Policy Alumni Group on LinkedIn: Connect with former Public Policy majors for career advice and mentoring opportunities.
  • Stanford Alumni Network: Join Stanford's alumni network to gain access to career resources and connect with former students.
  • Stanford Alumni Mentoring: SAM is a great way for you to connect with a mentor who can introduce you to new places, people and ideas; who can encourage and support you; and who can serve as a contact and resource as you navigate your education, bringing your interests and plans to fruition.
  • Sophomore and Alumni Lunch: Join alumni and fellow sophomores during Winter quarter for an afternoon of lunch, laughter and advice on everything from exploring your major to getting the most out of life on the Farm. Now’s the time to ask questions and grab some guidance from folks who have been exactly where you are now.
  • Junior Dinner off the Farm: Head off the Farm this Fall or Winter quarter with five to ten other juniors who share your interests for a casual, home-cooked meal whipped up by local alumni hosts. You’ll have the opportunity to select an alum host by major, field of interest or career. Each family-style gathering is located near campus and is free for students; transportation is free and arranged as needed.

University Resources

  • Financial Aid Office: Contact Financial Aid for questions regarding your university bill and financial aid inquiries. 
  • Office of Accessible Education: The OAE provides a wide array of accommodations, support services, auxiliary aids and programs to remove barriers to full participation in the life of the University.
  • Office of the Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education: A one-stop-shop for navigating the academic and enrichment resources and opportunities available at Stanford, ranging from academic advising and planning to immersive programs offered year-round.
  • Office of the Vice Provost of Student Affairs: Offers resources to facilitate a campus environment conducive to students' social, ethical, and psychological growth.
  • Office of the University Registrar: The Registrar's Office can assist with registration and course enrollment inquiries. 
  • Student Services Center: Contact the Student Services Center with questions about financial and administrative matters such as your University bill, registration and enrollment.

Student Life Resources

  • Associated Students of Stanford University: The ASSU works to represent the interests, needs and perspectives of Stanford students in university decision-making. 
  • Campus Eateries: The Stanford campus offers over 30 dining options throughout the academic year. 
  • Events at Stanford: This calendar offers a comprehensive listing of Stanford events -- from lectures to concerts.
  • Health and Fitness and BeWell@Stanford: The department of Physical Education, Recreation & Wellness offers classes and recreation facilities for all students.
  • Student Groups and Organizations: Stanford's student organizations offer hundreds of opportunities for students to engage in activities and communities gathered around shared interests.
  • Student Housing: Please visit the Residential Education website for a guide for on-campus housing options.
  • Vaden Student Health Center: Vaden serves the health needs of Stanford students and their spouses or domestic partners, including counseling and psychological services. Vaden can be reached at 866 Campus Drive and 650-498-2336. For 24-hour counseling, please call 650-723-3785.
  • Wellness Network at Stanford: An online directory which features more than 150 resources that connect students to immediate help, health and wellness and community support.