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Urban and Regional Policy

The Urban and Regional Policy concentration treats policy issues that normally fall on local and regional governing bodies and agencies. Political, social and economic aspects of alternative local and regional policies are the centerpiece of this concentration. Organizational aspects of local units of government are also important.

Advisor: Prudence Carter, Pam Matson, Milbrey McLaughlin, Cristobal Young

Below is a list of suggested courses. The list includes classes that students have taken in the past to complete this particular concentration, as well as additional classes that may be considered toward this topic. Students may choose to take other courses, though all concentration courses must be discussed with and approved by the faculty adviser whether or not they are on the suggested list. Students may also propose directed reading, Overseas Studies (BOSP), and Bing Stanford in Washington (BSIW) courses.


  • EDUC 112. Urban Education
  • EDUC 277. Education of Immigrant Students: Psychological Perspectives


Public Policy


  • SOC 135. Poverty, Inequality, and Social Policy in the United States
  • SOC 149. The Urban Underclass

Urban Studies

  • URBANST 110. Utopia and Reality: Introduction to Urban Studies
  • URBANST 113. Introduction to Urban Design: Contemporary Urban Design in Theory and Practice
  • URBANST 114. Urban Culture in Global Perspective
  • URBANST 131. VIP: Very Impactful People - Social Innovation & the Social Entrepreneur
  • URBANST 132. Concepts and Analytic Skills for the Social Sector
  • URBANST 164. Sustainable Cities
  • URBANST 165. Sustainable Urban and Regional Transportation Planning