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Resources, Environment, and Energy Policy

The concentration in Resources, Environment, and Energy Policy allows students to pursue an understanding of policy with regard to natural resources. Classes concentrate on government policy at different levels, corporate policies, and environmentalist views of corporate and government policy. These diverse viewpoints allow students to develop a 360-degree view of the issues.

Students may also want to review courses listed in the graduate Resources, Environment, and Energy Policy Concentration.

Advisors: Lawrence Goulder, Mark Granovetter, Frank Wolak, Tom Heller, Michael Wara, Jim Sweeney, Barton Thompson

Below is a list of suggested courses. The list includes classes that students have taken in the past to complete this particular concentration, as well as additional classes that may be considered toward this topic. Students may choose to take other courses, though all concentration courses must be discussed with and approved by the faculty adviser whether or not they are on the suggested list. Students may also propose directed reading, Overseas Studies (BOSP), and Bing Stanford in Washington (BSIW) courses.


  • ANTHRO 162. Indigenous Peoples and Environmental Problems 


  • BIO 117. Biology and Global Change 

BOSP Overseas Program: Capetown, South Africa

  • OSPCPTWN 49. Water in South Africa: Human Right, Public Trust, or Market Commodity?

Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • CEE 125. Defining Smart Cities: Visions of Urbanism for the 21st Century

Earth Systems


  • ECON 106. World Food Economy 
  • ECON 118. Development Economics 
  • ECON 155. Environmental Economics and Policy 
  • ECON 160. Game Theory and Economic Applications

Energy Resources Engineering

Earth System Science

  • ESS 112. Human Society and Environmental Change

Geological Sciences

  • GS 266. Managing Nuclear Waste: Technical, Political and Organizational Challenges

Human Biology

  • HUMBIO 112. Conservation Biology: A Latin American Perspective
  • HUMBIO 118. Theory of Ecological and Environmental Anthropology 

International Relations

Management Science and Engineering

  • MS&E 243. Energy and Environmental Policy Analysis 
  • MS&E 294. Climate Policy Analysis 
  • MS&E 295. Energy Policy Analysis

Public Policy

  • PUBLPOL 118. Disasters, Decisions, Development in Sustainable Urban Systems
  • PUBLPOL 342. Energy Efficiency: Technology, Policy, and Investment
  • PUBLPOL 353A. Science and Technology Policy

Urban Studies