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Development and Growth Policy

The Development and Growth Policies concentration covers a variety of approaches to the nature, implications, and evaluation of economic development policies in an international perspective with an emphasis on countries of the Third World and formerly communist transition economies.

Advisors: Bruce Cain, Larry Diamond, Stephen Haber, Pete Klenow, Thomas Mullaney, John Pencavel, Condoleezza Rice, Jeremy Weinstein, Christine Wotipka

Below is a list of suggested courses. The list includes classes that students have taken in the past to complete this particular concentration, as well as additional classes that may be considered toward this topic. Students may choose to take other courses, though all concentration courses must be discussed with and approved by the faculty adviser whether or not they are on the suggested list. Students may also propose directed reading, Overseas Studies (BOSP), and Bing Stanford in Washington (BSIW) courses.

African Studies

  • AFRICAST 111. Education for All? The Global and Local in Public Policy Making in Africa
  • AFRICAST 112. AIDS, Literacy, and Land: Foreign Aid and Development in Africa

Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity

  • CSRE 260. California's Minority-Majority Cities

East Asian Studies

Earth Systems


  • ECON 106. World Food Economy
  • ECON 113. Economics of Innovation 
  • ECON 118. Development Economics 
  • ECON 124. Economic Development and Challenges of East Asia
  • ECON 126. Economics of Health and Medical Care
  • ECON 140. Introduction to Financial Economics


  • EDUC 306A. Economics of Education in the Global Economy
  • EDUC 306D. World, Societal, and Educational Change: Comparative Perspectives


International Relations

Management Science and Engineering

  • MS&E 107. Interactive Management Science

Political Science

  • POLISCI 227. U.S. Immigration Politics
  • POLISCI 241A. An Introduction to Political Economy of Development
  • POLISCI 348. Chinese Politics: The Transformation and the Era of Reform

Public Policy


Urban Studies

  • URBANST 110. Utopia and Reality: Introduction to Urban Studies
  • URBANST 153. Capitals: How Cities Shape Cultures, States, and People