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Practicum Program Impact

Students presenting their findings to client
Photo Courtesy of Newsha Ajami

Studies on the Program's Impact

The Immediate and Long-Term Impact of Practicum Experiences on Students 

Sprague, M. & Percy, R. C. (2014). Journal of Public Affairs Education, 20(1), 91-111

Assessing the Value to Client Organizations of Student Practicum Projects

Sprague, M. & Hu, O. (2015). Journal of Public Affairs Education, 21(2), 263-280 

Student and Client Feedback

From Students

  • The practicum … perfectly fulfills its "capstone" function, requiring students to synthesize and apply all that they've learned through their Public Policy and Economics courses.​
  • The experience was very interesting to employers and made it easier for me to find a job in this field of work.
  • As a policy analyst, public finance investment banker, and now venture capitalist, all these skills [from the practicum] have been used on an almost daily basis.

From Clients

  • All the recommendations were underpinned and supported by the best science, facts and analysis available on [the] topic. 
  • The report had an enormously beneficial impact that reverberates to this day.
  • The analysis was most useful.  [I]t served as a counterpoint to challenge our assumptions on the topic.
  • [The project] helped us to understand the reasons why it would not be a good idea to pursue [an initiative we were considering].​