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Urban Policy


Requirements for the Urban Policy Concentration for MPP students include completing at least 3 gateway courses, taking courses from at least 2 of the different focus areas, and fulfilling enough courses to satisfy the unit requirement. Requirements for the Urban Policy Concentration for Coterminal students include completing at least 1 gateway course and fulfilling enough elective courses to satisfy the unit requirement. 

The list of graduate level gateway and elective concentration courses may also be found in the Stanford Bulletin. Note that this is not an exhaustive list; students may select other courses for their concentration with the approval of their faculty adviser. 

Gateway Courses

PUBLPOL 174. The Urban Economy
URBANST 110. Introduction to Urban Studies
URBANST 164. Sustainable Cities
URBANST 109. Physics of Cities

Focus Areas

Criminal Justice

SOC 246A. Ethnographies of Race, Crime, and Justice


ECON 146. Economics of Education 
URBANST 141A. Gentrification and Schools: Urban Structure and the Remaking of Cities

Local Government

LAW 7051. Local Government Law  
PUBLPOL 135. Regional Politics and Decision Making in Silicon Valley and the Greater Bay Area 
SOC 176. The Social Life of Neighborhoods
HISTORY 206E. Capitals: How Cities Shape Cultures, States and People
HISTORY 332G. Early Modern Cities
HISTORY 383F. Capital and Crisis in the Middle East and the World
PUBLPOL 118X/Y/Z. Shaping the Future of the Bay Area (3-quarter sequence)
AFRICAAM 236B. Casablanca - Algiers - Tunis: Cities on the Edge
HISTORY 242J. London Low Life in the Nineteenth Century
URBANST 142. Megacities
URBNST 148. Who Owns Your City?: Institutional Real Estate Seminar

Urban Planning

URBANST 103C. Housing Visions
PUBLPOL 230. Urban Development and Governance
URBANST 152. Building Modernity: Urban Planning and European Cities in the Twentieth Century
URBANST 172A. Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning
URBANST 113. Introduction of Urban Design: Contemporary Urban Design in Theory and Practice


CEE 172. Air Quality Management 
CEE 277L. Smart Cities & Communities
URBANST 164. Sustainable Cities


COMM 264. The Psychology of Communication About Politics in America
URBANST 132. Concepts and Analytic Skills for the Social Sector
PUBLPOL 143. Finance and Society for non-MBAs (ECON 143)

*Gateway courses may vary year to year based on availability.