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Urban Policy


Requirements for the Urban Policy Concentration include completing at least 3 gateway courses, taking courses from at least 2 of the different focus areas, and fulfilling enough courses to satisfy the unit requirement.

The list of graduate level gateway and elective concentration courses may also be found in the Stanford Bulletin. Note that this is not an exhaustive list; students may select other courses for their concentration with the approval of their faculty adviser. 

Gateway Courses

PUBLPOL 221: Sentencing, Corrections, and Criminal Justice Policy
PUBLPOL 174: The Urban Economy (not offered in 2018-19)
PUBLPOL 133: Political Power in American Cities
SOC 235: Poverty, Inequality, and Social Policy in the United States
SOC 229X: Urban Education (not offered in 2018-19)

Focus Areas

Criminal Justice

LAW 2010. Sentencing, Corrections and Criminal Justice Policy 


ECON 146: Economics of Education (not offered in 2018-19)
EDUC 277: Education of Immigrant Students: Psychological Perspectives (not offered in 2018-19)
EDUC 271: Education Policy in the United States (for Master's Students) (not offered in 2018-19)
EDUC 337: Race, Ethnicity, and Linguistic Diversity in Classrooms: Sociocultural Theory and Practices (AFRICAAM 106, CSRE 103B, EDUC 103B)
EDUC 447: Leading Change in Public Education
POLISCI 326T: The Politics of Education (POLISCI 226T) (not offered in 2018-19)
STRAMGT 537: Leading Change in Public Education

Local Government

EARTHSYS 238: Land Use  (not offered in 2018-19)
LAW 427: Local Government Law  (not offered in 2018-19)
LAW 705. Cities in Distress (not offered in 2018-19)
PUBLPOL 135: Regional Politics and Decision Making in Silicon Valley and the Greater Bay Area  (not offered in 2018-19)
PUBLPOL 225: Place-Making Policies
URBANST 107: Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning

Public Finance

PUBLPOL 107: Public Finance and Fiscal Policy (ECON 141)
PUBLPOL 143: Finance and Society for non-MBAs (ECON 143)
PUBLPOL 364: The Future of Finance (ECON 152, ECON 252, STATS 238)
CEE 131B: Financial Management of Sustainable Urban Systems (not offered in 2018-19)


CEE 249: Labor and Industrial Relations: Negotiations, Strikes, and Dispute Resolution
ECON 145. Labor Economics
SOC 249: The Urban Underclass (URBANST 112)
SOC 340W: CPI Workshop (SOC 240W) (not offered in 2018-19)
SOC 341W: Workshop: Inequality


CEE 172: Air Quality Management
CEE 277L: Smart Cities & Communities
PUBLPOL 118: Disasters, Decisions, Development in Sustainable Urban Systems
URBANST 113: Introduction to Urban Design: Contemporary Urban Design in Theory and Practice
URBANST 164: Sustainable Cities
URBANST 165: Sustainable Urban and Regional Transportation Planning (not offered in 2018-19)
URBANST 167: The Automobile and the City (not offered in 2018-19) 


COMM 264: The Psychology of Communication About Politics in America
URBANST 132: Concepts and Analytic Skills for the Social Sector

*Gateway courses may vary year to year based on availability.