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Political and Moral Philosophy

Students in this concentration analyze policy and policy making through a lens of political and moral philosophy. The emphasis is on the foundational philosophies upon which public and private policy-making institutions are based.  Students pursuing this concentration consider Ancient Greek, Enlightenment, and Modern political ideas and take into account questions of morality in policy making.  These basic issues can then be applied to issues within fields such as medicine, law, business, education, politics, the non-profit sector, and the environment.

The list of graduate level gateway and elective concentration courses may also be found in the Stanford Bulletin. Note that this is not an exhaustive list; students may select other courses for their concentration with the approval of their faculty adviser. 

Courses in the Political and Moral Philosophy concentration include:

ANTHRO 318. Democracy and Political Authority (not offered in 2017-18)

ARTHIST 442. Looking at Violence (not offered in 2017-18)

BIOS 224. Big Topics in Stem Cell Ethics (not offered in 2017-18)

POLISCI 231 (formerly CLASSHIS 332). High-Stakes Politics: Case Studies in Political Philosophy, Institutions, and Interests
POLISCI 230A (formerly CLASSHIS 333). Classical Seminar: Origins of Political Thought

DLCL 324. Enlightenment Seminar (not offered in 2017-18)
DLCL 325. Modern Seminar (offered occasionally)

ETHICSOC 278M. Iintroduction to Environmental Ethics

EDUC 247. Moral Education (not offered in 2017-18)

GSBGEN 208. Ethics in Management

HISTORY 208S. Facing the Past: The Politics of Retrospective Justice (not offered in 2017-18)

HUMBIO 174. Foundations of Bioethics

LAW 3502 (formerly LAW 236). Art and the Law
LAW 5802 (formerly LAW 500). Modern American Legal Thought

NBIO 201. Social and Ethical Issues in the Neurosciences 

PEDS 251A. Medical Ethics I  
PEDS 251B. Medical Ethics II (not offered in 2017-18)

PHIL 225. Kant's First Critique
PHIL 270. Ethical Theory
PHIL 272. History of Modern Moral Philosophy (not offered in 2017-18)
PHIL 272B. Recent Ethical Theory (not offered in 2017-18)
PHIL 274B. Universal Basic Income: the Philosophy Behind the Proposal
PHIL 274E. Egaltarianism
PHIL 275B. Philosophy of Public Policy
PHIL 276. Political Philosophy: The Social Contract Tradition (not offered in 2017-18)

PHIL 317. Topics in Plato: Middle and Late Ethics & Politics (not offered in 2017-18)
PHIL 372. Topics in Kantian Ethics (not offered in 2017-18)
PHIL 374F. Science, Religion and Democracy

POLISCI 131L. Modern Political Thought: Machiavelli to Marx and Mill (not offered in 2017-18)
POLISCI 134P. Contemporary Moral Problems
POLISCI 236. Theories of Civil Society, Philanthropy, and the Nonprofit Sector
POLISCI 332. Topics in Political Philosophy (not offered in 2017-18)
POLISCI 351C. Testing Models of Governmental Decision-Making (not offered in 2017-18)
POLISCI 434. Egalitarianism (not offered in 2017-18)