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International and National Security Policy

In a world where problems cross borders and disciplines, where threats that were previously thought to be independent are found to be interconnected, where distinctions between what is domestic policy and what is foreign policy are becoming more and more tenuous, students need training and perspective to break down disciplinary silos. They need the tools and dexterity to work across issue areas and in diverse policy arenas. They need to see connections that others miss, and be able to describe and explain those connections so that others will then see them too. The concentration in International Policy Studies aims to train the next generation of policy leaders who will go on to influence policy making in trade, foreign affairs, security, economic development and the environment.

The list of graduate level gateway and elective concentration courses may also be found in the Stanford Bulletin. Note that this is not an exhaustive list; students may select other courses for their concentration with the approval of their faculty adviser. 

Gateway for International and National Security Policy Concentration*:

POLISCI 114S/IPS 241. International Security in a Changing World

Select one of the following courses:

INTLPOL 210. Politics of International Humanitarian Action 
INTLPOL 211. Transitions from War to Peace (not offered in 2018-19)
INTLPOL 241. International Security in a Changing World
INTLPOL 244. US Policy Toward Northeast Asia

Remaining units can be taken from the courses listed below or with Faculty Adviser approval:

INTLPOL 219. The Role of Intelligence in U.S. Foreign Policy (not offered in 2018-19)
INTLPOL 230. Democracy, Development and Rule of Law
INTLPOL 250. International Conflict Resolution and Management
MED 262. Economics of Health Improvement in Developing Countries
MS&E 243. Energy and Environmental Policy Analysis
POLISCI 336. Introduction to Global Justice

*Gateway courses may vary year to year based on availability.