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Coterminal Degree

Coterminal Students Back to School Lunch

Coterminal Students at Back to School Lunch

Chris Alleyne Levy

The coterminal MA in Public Policy is a degree program designed to impart the basic analytical tools of public policy analysis, or to allow specialization in an applied field of policy analysis.

The Public Policy Program's coterminal MA degree is available to undergraduates whether or not they major in Public Policy. This coterminal degree responds to the need for an intellectually-rigorous pathway for undergraduates from diverse backgrounds to approach public service. Most students complete their MA in a fifth year at Stanford, though it is possible to complete an undergraduate and coterminal program in fewer than fifteen quarters. The program offers three tracks, depending on a student's undergraduate major. Each track includes a variety of courses from fields related to public policy and allows students to use electives or a concentration to specialize in a specific field of policy analysis.

The coterminal MA is also a gateway to the MPP degree program. Earning the MA and MPP typically takes at least five years. Students considering this option should be familiar with the University's coterminal degree policies and procedures and should consult the director and staff of the Public Policy Program early in their planning.


Track A (Public Policy majors)

  • Additional concentration courses
  • Graduate colloquium
  • Graduate practicum or thesis
  • Upper-division electives

Track B (Econ Majors)

  • Graduate core courses
  • Graduate colloquium
  • Upper-division electives

Track C (all other majors)

  • Graduate core courses
  • Graduate colloquium
  • Upper-division electives

All students must complete prerequisites in math and economics.

How to Apply

Application materials

  • Application
  • Statement of purpose
  • Resume
  • Transcript
  • Program proposal
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Coterm Program Approval for undergraduate department

2020-2021 Deadlines

  • November 12, 2020
  • January 28, 2021

Common Questions

  • When can students apply for the Public Policy coterm?
  • How far ahead can I take classes that will apply to the coterm?
  • Is the GRE required for application to the coterminal program?
  • How many students will be admitted to the coterminal program?
  • Is the two-year MPP degree available as part of the coterminal program?