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Academic Programs

The Public Policy Program aims to develop in students the skills necessary to assess the performance of alternative approaches to policy implementation, evaluate the effectiveness of policies, understand the political constraints faced by policy makers, and appreciate the conflicts in fundamental human values that often animate policy debates. The program offers a number of degree options to Stanford undergraduate and graduate students.


Undergraduate Programs (BA and BAH)

Public Policy winter dinner

The public policy undergraduate major is an interdisciplinary program that engages students in the process of evaluating policy options and outcomes. The major includes coursework in economics and quantitative methods, political science, law, philosophy, ethics, organizational behavior, and social psychology. A senior capstone requirement can be fulfilled by writing an honors thesis or by participating in the practicum program.

An undergraduate minor is also offered, and it provides students in other majors with interdisciplinary training in applied social sciences.

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Coterminal Masters Program (MA)

The Public Policy Program offers a coterminal Master of Arts in Public Policy to undergraduates in any major. This coterminal degree provides an intellectually rigorous pathway for undergraduates from all fields of study to approach public service, and it allows public policy majors to specialize in an advanced field of policy analysis. The program includes three tracks: one for public policy majors, one for Economics majors, and one for students with other academic backgrounds.

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Graduate Programs (MA and MPP)

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The Public Policy program offers two master's programs: the Master of Public Policy (MPP), a two-year professional degree, and the Master of Arts in Public Policy (MA), a one-year non-professional degree. Both degrees further develop knowledge and skills in policy analysis to prepare students for a professional career or doctoral studies. Admission is currently restricted to Stanford students and alumni.

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