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Joint Doctor of Medicine and Master in Public Policy (MD/MPP)

Admission: Matriculated MD students from Stanford's School of Medicine may apply for admission to the joint MPP/MD degree program.  Applications are accepted anytime after a student has completed one year in the MD program. Students must obtain the permission of the School of Medicine to participate in the joint degree program.   

Time Required: Approximately 5 years. Students are required to devote the first two years of full-time study to the completion of the first two years of the core MD curriculum.  Students will then devote one continuous academic year of study to the completion of the MPP core curriculum.  At other times, the student may be enrolled in either unit and may take courses from either unit to satisfy the joint degree requirements.  

Advising: Students must have a faculty adviser in the School of Medicine, usually chosen from among MPP-affiliated faculty, who is also a member of the Academic Council. Advisers will participate in planning and supervising the student's joint degree program. 

Public policy curriculum for MD/MPP joint degrees

Course  Units

PUBLPOL 301A. Microeconomics

PUBLPOL 301B. Cost-Benefit Analysis and Evaluation 4
PUBLPOL 302B. Economic Analysis of Law 4
ECON 102A. Introduction to Statistical Methods 5
PUBLPOL 303D. Applied Econometrics 4
PUBLPOL 305A. Judgment and Decision Making 4
PUBLPOL 306. Writing & Rhetoric 4
PUBLPOL 307. Justice 4
PUBLPOL 308. Political Analysis for Policymakers 4
PUBLPOL 309. Practicum* 10
PUBLPOL 311. Colloquium (weekly all year) 3

Total program units


If students have completed any of the above coursework earlier in their academic career, they are encouraged to submit a petition to substitute a more advanced course in its place.  

Extended core and concentration coursework for joint MD/MPP students:
Students work in collaboration with their faculty adviser and the Public Policy program director to develop courses which will complement both degrees.  Course selection will be based on career interest, and may include INDE 201, 202 and 203 (The first year of the "Practice of Medicine" sequence), HRP 256, HRP 252, HRP 391, and HRP 392.


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