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MPP Practicum Projects

An important component of the MPP Degree is the Practicum Project, which students begin during their second year after completing core courses.  Multidisciplinary student teams apply their skills to a contemporary problem in a major policy exercise with a public sector client.

To learn more about becoming a practicum client, to view media coverage of projects, or to read feedback from students and nonprofit agencies about their experiences, please visit the Stanford Public Policy Practicum Program Page

Final PDF reports can be viewed below. 


The Measurement Gap: An Assessment of Teacher Quality and Evaluations in California (full report)
SIEPR Policy Brief (part 1)
SIEPR Policy Brief (part 2)
SIEPR Policy Brief (part 3)
Client: The Education Trust–West
By Chris Frank, Michael Kent, and Dennis Li 

Powering the Arctic
SIEPR Policy Brief
Client: Hoover Institution
By Drew DeWalt, Katharine McCormick, Dylan Plofker, and Maggie Wells

Strictly Business? An Examination of China's Natural-Resource Acquisition Strategy in Latin America
SIEPR Policy Brief
Client: U.S. Government Accountability Office
By Juan Andrés Camus, Jane LePham, Roshan Shankar, and Kenny White


Analysis Of The Homegrown Violent Extremist (HVE) Movement in the U.S.
Client: Defense Intelligence Agency
By Kathy Gilsinan, Kristina Popova, Jeff Stern, Mira Wijayanti

California's Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) and Grid Capabilities
Client: California Public Utilities Commission
By Jaya Goswami, James Michael Jackson, Erin McGough, Jonathan Strahl, Ian Tien

Developing Sub-national Policies That Improve Energy Efficiency Financing
Client: Climate Group
By Riddhima Gandhi, Rong Li, Himani Phadke, Maria Riaz, Fang Xia

Growing Green Entrepreneurship in Asia
Client: Asia Foundation
By Edith Elliott, Marie-Christine Feghali, Bill Gallery, Emily Green, Chiara Kovarik, Nashat Farhana Moin

How Critical Is A Healthy Higher Education System, and How Should We Fund It?
Client: California Competes
By Shaowen Ang, David Hoffert, Robert Jackman

Social Media and Social Unrest In The Middle East
Client: Defense Intelligence Agency
By Taylor Dewey, Erin Jackson, Juliane Kaden, Miriam Marks, Shun Matsushima, Beijing Zhu


Going Forward: Prospects for Transitioning from Gas Taxes to Vehicle-Miles-Traveled Fees
Client: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
By Kumi Harischandra, Justine Isola, Lazeena Rahman, Anthony Suen   

Policies to Increase Industrial Competitiveness (PIIC) through Government Investment
Client: World Bank 
By Eun Jung (Jane) Choi, Lizhi Lin, Holger Fabian Sahl, Stephanie Gimenez Stahlberg, Salvador Zepeda

Rare Earth Elements: Strategies to Ensure Domestic Supply
Client: Breakthrough Institute 
By Kia Ghorashi, Lucinda Gibbs, Polly Hand, Amber Luong

Sovereign Fiscal Responsibility Index 2011
Client: Comeback America Initiative 
By T.J. Augustine, Alexander Maasry, Damilola Sobo, Di Wang

State of California Commission on Judicial Performance: Summary of Discipline Statistics, 1990 - 2009
Client: Commission on Judicial Performance 
By Russell Ganzi, Erica Kang, David Rizk

Sunni Militancy in India: An Analytical Atlas
Client: Defense Intelligence Agency 
By Katherine Hoffman, Jiro Kodera, Peter LeFrancois, Charles Nicas, Jackson Reed


Alleviating Overcrowding at Mariano Castro Elementary School in Mountain View: An Analysis of Policy Alternatives
By Erin Cumberworth, Kenisha Dilliard, Ify Emelife, Joel Mehler, Norihiko Sasaki

The Future Impact of Climate Change on the California Wine Industry and Actions the State of California Should Take to Address It
By Jon Gatto, Byung-Oh Kim, Paasha Mahdavi, Hirochika Namekawa, Viet Hung Tran

Improving Microfinance Governance: A Role for the Asia Foundation
By Ayesha Ali, Hye-jin Kim, Jonathan Morse, Stefano Salmaso, Kelly Spann

The Asia Foundation’s Economic Governance Index: Recommendations for Extending It to China
By Yue Li, Yukiyoshi Noguchi, Riaz Rahim, Joanna Wilson, Yuzo Yamaguchi